Windows 10 Introduction

At this website we have already posted information about Windows 10. We also have a few posts on Windows Server, but this post is focused on the Windows 10 operating system. Here are a few previous posts on Windows 10: Windows 10 Command Line Introduction, Windows 10 Command Line Examples, Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Make a Drive Appear as a Folder on Another Drive and Setting Up A New Windows Laptop.

Windows 10 has some limitations, but they are easy to overcome. For example, you cannot play DVDs without installing more software. A free one is called VLC Player and it can be downloaded for free at The current version as of September 2017 is version 2.2.6. It is recommended by several people to install AVG antivirus software as well as MalwareBytes. Also, if you don’t have Microsoft Office you can download LibreOffice and install it for free.

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