Transform XML to JSON

There is an online tool that you can use to transform well-formed XML to JSON format. Is is at shell tools. After running that, by coping in your text and clicking Submit, you can copy the output to the JSON formatting tool to make it easier to read by human eyes.

If you just search for online tools that convert from XML to JSON and from JSON to XML you find that there are a lot of them. Here is one that converts from JSON to XML and from XML to JSON.

Here is a website, that does a lot of formatting, but as a developer you also may need a handy too that generates test data. For example you may need a csv file example that has sample data in it. You can enter in the columns you want and it recognizes, for the most part, the type of data you need. For example, if you type in seq you will get a sequence number starting at one and counting up by one. If you enter province you get a two letter abbreviation of the Canadian provinces, in capitals. It knows that first means first name and last means last name.

This website can also convert your csv to SQL. What is does is write the SQL code that creates the table and inserts you data into the table!

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