TINT for Events

You can use TINT for your event. Here is what TINT says.

Not many brands have tapped into using social media for events, or better put, DURING their events.

How To

Let’s say you want to amp up your event experience for your attendees with social media. Here are a couple ways to do so!

1) Create a unique hashtag for your event and tell all attendees to tweet their thoughts with that hashtag. Then you could use Tint to pull all that together and display it on a large screen with a projector. What you’ll have is an interactive wall of dynamic tweets that will encourage people to share your hashtag for the chance to show up on that display!

2) Create a unique hashtag for your wedding/concert/party and tell all attendees to take photos on Instagram with that hashtag. You could then use Tint to organize all of the photos your attendees take and display it on multiple TV screens set around the event. You’ll start seeing people get excited because they’ll have the chance to show up on a TV display. Happy attendees= happy hosts=successful event.

3) Combine 1&2 along with the host’s/official event’s Facebook & Twitter feed so attendees will always be in the know for new announcements/happenings. Instead of making large announcements and hoping everyone heard it, you can update your own social feed and know that it will display on all the display screens around the event!