The Linux Foundation

What is The Linux Foundation? Wikipedia says: “The Linux Foundation (LF) is a non-profit technology trade association chartered to promote, protect, and advance Linux and collaborative development and support the “greatest shared technology resources in history”. The Board of Directors consists of 21 senior leaders from across the IT industry, including leaders from the following companies: Facebook, AT&T, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Cisco, VMware, Intel, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bitnami, InterWoven Inc., Panasonic, Renesas, Hitachi, Samsung, Bloq, IBM, Microsoft, Comcast, Huawei, NEC, Oracle and Fujitsu. That’s impressive.

It began in 2000 under the Open Source Development Labs (OSDL) and became the organization it is today when OSDL merged with the Free Standards Group (FSG) and it’s geographic focus is San Francisco California, USA.

What are some of their more important projects? Wikipedia says: “Projects hosted at the Linux Foundation include Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP), Hyperledger, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Cloud Foundry Foundation, Node.js Foundation, and many others.”

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