If you type a lot of HTML code undoubtedly you will have types ordered and unordered lists. There is a website for that. It will put your list of items into an ordered or unordered lists with the HTML code around it. The website is called li Maker. You may […]

HTML List Maker

Plunker is an online community for creating, collaborating on and sharing your web development ideas. In the website’s tag line it says: “Helping developers make the web”. The Plunker website lists it’s main features: Real-time code collaboration Fully-featured, customizable syntax editor Live previewing of code changes As-you-type code linting Forking, […]

Plunker Introduction

Do you want to use custom graphics instead of the simple round circles or squares for you lists? Do you want to use a small graphic image such as a check mark for your bullet lists instead of the standard circles? This is an example of how to use custom […]

Custom Markers for HTML Lists

Inspect Element is a feature of Firefox and Google Chrome. You can look at the source code of a web page in detail and exactly at the location you want to view. There are videos on Youtube explaining how to use this feature, but you really need a solid knowledge […]

Inspect Element

The code below would have a dot php file extension. In WordPress I have shown the code using a plugin called SyntaxHighlighter Evolved in the second bit of code. It looks a lot better than the first bit of code and uses less space also. <html> <head> <title>PHP¬†Test</title> </head> <body> […]

PHP code

Basic HTML Concepts A webpage is made up of three components: text content, references to other files and markup. HTML markup is composed of elements, attributes and values. Semantic HTML means that content is marked up with HTML elements that best describe it without regard for how the content should […]

HTML Introduction Part 2

You can disallow HTML code in WordPress comments by adding the following code to the child theme’s functions.php file anywhere after the first line. WordPress will strip out any HTML tags and disable the linking capability of web addresses. This helps to increase the security of your site. It’s optional. […]

HTML in Comments