Sublime Text Multiple Files

Sometimes you want to be able to easily work with two or more files at one time. You want to see more than one file at once, perhaps one on the left and one on the right, or one on top of the other. It may be because you need to jump back and forth between files, need to copy from one to the other or compare files for similarities and differences. Whatever the reason, Sublime makes it easy to do this.

In the View menu, select Layout. You will see several options in the sub-menu. You can drag one of the tabs to the new window that appeared to move it there. That new window is called a tab group.

You can also have multiple views into the same file. To do this, first select the tab that contains the file you wish to have two views into. From the menu select File, New View Into File. You now have another tab containing that file. Now, you can “lift” that file up into a new tab group you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+K then Ctrl+up arrow. You can go back into the menu to change the layout to rows instead of columns.

Ctrl+K is Sublime’s way of opening up a whole new set of keyboard shortcut possibilities.

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