Sublime Text Editor

The Sublime text editor is one of the more popular text editors out there for developers. It is a source code editor. You don’t need to be writing programs or scripts to use it however. It is proprietary (not open source) software. It natively supports many programming languages and markup languages giving you the ability to have your syntax highlighted. You can extend its functionality with plugins, using Package Control.

Package Control can be found at the site If Package Control is not yet installed on your Sublime Text you will want to install it if you want to extend the functionality of Sublime. This makes installing other packages much easier. Recent versions of Sublime Text 3 have made it easier to actually install Package Control. Go to the Tools menu and choose Install Package Control. Click OK. Wait a few moments for the second pop-up. This pop-up will tell you that Sublime needs to be restarted. Restart Sublime. Go to the Preferences menu and choose Package Control to verify that it was installed correctly.

The item in the list that you will be using the most is Install Package. Click the down arrow to select this one and press enter. Now you get a list of all of the available packages. You can, at the top of the list, search for packages you might be interested in.

Syncing Your Browser

If you want to write some HTML and have it automatically shown in your browser each time you make a change to the HTML file you will need to install something in Sublime before it will work.

This is the easiest method. Note that I’m assuming you’ve installed the Package Control extension for Sublime Text.

  1. Press Command-Shift-P (if you use a Mac) & Ctrl-Shift-P (if you use Windows) to open the Command Palette.
  2. Type Install Package until you see that “Package Control: Install Package” is selected. Press Enter.
  3. In the text box, start typing View In Browser until that package is selected. Once it is, press Enter to install it.
  4. Restart Sublime Text.

Now when you have a web page open in Sublime Text, just press Ctrl-Alt-V & your browser selection tool should open, letting you choose which browser to open.


Here are some preferences that you can have a look at and see if they suit your desire. They are preferences after all.

	"bold_folder_labels": true,
	"highlight_line": true,
	"highlight_modified_tabs": true,
	"show_encoding": true,
	"show_line_endings": true,

Boxy Theme

This is a powerful theme worth investigating. Below are some settings that were suggested by the presenter of the video on Sublime Text 3 The Basics.

	"theme": "Boxy Ocean.sublime-theme",
	"theme_bar": true,
	"theme_bar_colored": true,
	"theme_bar_shadow_hidden": true,
	"theme_button_rounded": true,
	"theme_icons_materialized": true,
	"theme_scrollbar_rounded": true,
	"theme_sidebar_highlight_selected_text_only": true,
	"theme_sidebar_highlight_text_only": true,
	"theme_sidebar_indent_top_level_disabled": true,
	"theme_tab_line_size_lg": true,
	"theme_tab_selected_transparent": true,
	"theme_tab_selected_underlined": true

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