Shortcodes Ultimate Plugin

Shorcodes Ultimate is a free WordPress plugin that can easily create tabs, buttons, boxes, different sliders, responsive videos and much more. You can read more about it at

Below is the code you enter into your WordPress site after installing Shortcodes Ultimate, minus the square brackets. I can’t show the square brackets here, but each line of text is enclosed in square brackets except for the text “Annimated text”. You don’t have to know how to write this code with this plugin, because they give you the code.

su_animate type="bounceIn" delay="1"
Animated text
Box title
Box content

Below is just a spacer with the size of 20. Valid range is from zero to 800. The code is simple: su_spacer size=”20″ class=””, enclosed in square brackets.

End of the spacer

How To

There are too many shortcodes in this plugin to go through all of them in a post like this. It will takes some time to learn how to style these different elements but the results will be cool.


Hover me to open tooltip
Note text

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