Setting Up A New Windows Laptop

So you’ve just bought a new Windows 10 laptop. That’s exciting. What should you do next? There are some important steps you should take to make sure you enjoy your new laptop to the full. This post discusses those steps. Some of these steps take only a few minute while others can take hours. Some steps you may wish to skip. It’s up to you. I created this list so that I won’t forget anything the next time I set up a new laptop. Windows updates is probably one of the most important things to do on this list. Do it before you start surfing the web.

  1. Check the box for all the parts
  2. Fill out and file the paperwork
  3. Connect your laptop and turn it on
  4. Set up your Windows account for logging in
  5. Check Device Manager
  6. Windows updates
  7. Turn on Windows Defender
  8. Install any other antivirus software
  9. Adjust you display settings
  10. Adjust screen lock and power settings
  11. Unhide file extensions and hidden files
  12. Configure or turn off Cortana
  13. Install Browser (or stay with Edge)
  14. Install Windows DVD Player if necessary
  15. Install your software
  16. Consider downloading and installing free software (
  17. Change your default browser (
  18. Pin to start and/or taskbar
  19. Remove any bloatware
  20. Copy over your data files
  21. Change your desktop theme
  22. Backup

Where did this list come from? It came from my own experience and a few web sites. First, there is an article at LaptopNinja called 9 Things You Should Do First After Buying a New Laptop. At Laptop – Part of Tom’s Guide, there is an article called Windows 10 Settings You Should Change Right Away.

Install Your Software

If you are a developer, this can take some time. Below are some suggestions – altogether optional! Also, HowToGeek suggests the Ninite website to find and download software.

Software Development

Text Editors/Readers



Operating Systems


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