Setting up Email on Android Devices

You have your own hosted website with email and you want to be able to get your email on your Android cell phone. Your email address uses your own domain, so for example, your email address uses your domain name (such as does) and is not a Gmail or Yahoo or Hotmail address or other free domain. In other words you have a custom email. Custom emails are more professional. How do you set up your email on your Android device? Here are the instructions on HostGator’s website for setting it up with the default email client.

  1. Open your email client
  2. Enter your full email address and password
  3. Select IMAP for your account type
  4. On the final account setup, enter the following information:
    • Username – The email address you are trying to connect to
    • Password – The password to that email address
    • IMAP server – (be sure to input your actual domain name)
    • Port – 143
    • Security Type – None
    • IMAP path prefix – Leave blank
  5. Click Continue and the email client will check your settings and connect to your account.
  6. If it then asks for an SMTP server and then use the following format: (be sure to input your actual domain name)


Here is a screenshot of how your inbox might look like on a cell phone. You just tap the email to read it. Of course you can also compose emails and send them from your Android device.

For the email address, in this example, there are only 2 test emails received, as you can see. At the top of the screen to the left of “Inbox” are three bars that brings up a menu that has five links: Inbox, Priority senders, Sent, Show all folders and MANAGE ACCOUNTS.

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