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You can replace the “Proudly Powered by WordPress” in the footer with a copyright message. Use a Child Theme and edit the footer.php file. You could actually put anything you want in your footer using this method. In our case we will keep it simple. Be very careful when you are working with php files.

© Copyright <?php echo date ('Y'); ?> by Porter Websites

The above code goes into the footer.php file. The code in the footer.php file depends on which theme you are using. The code that you need to remove if you are using the Expound theme is as follows:

<?php do_action( 'expound_credits' ); ?>

You will replace this code with the copyright code shown at the top of this post and you will of course replace “Porter Websites” with the name of your site. You will notice that the Expound theme calls a function. You could put your code into a function and call the function just as Expound did. To do this create a new custom function in the functions.php file and call it here in the footer.

You could add a horizontal line and centre align the text as shown here.

<div align="center">
   &copy; Copyright <?php echo date('Y'); ?> by Porter Websites.