Node.js Installation


To get the installation file for 64-bit Windows in English go to Download it. Run it. Accept the license agreement. By default it installs to C:\Program Files\nodejs.

Windows Command Line Interface

After you install Node on your Windows computer, you can run a command line (with Run, cmd) and then type node at the command line to get into node. When you want to exit, type .exit. Verify that Node was installed by typing node -v and Enter at the Windows command prompt.

Front-end and Back-end

Node.js is used in two main ways: front-end and back-end. In the front-end, Node is used for building utilities. In the back-end it is used to set up a server.


npm stands for Node Package Manager. It is a way to install stuff. It keeps track of all of your code dependencies. There are tons of packages you can install.

Updating npm

Please consult the documentation to learn more. Update npm at the command prompt with this: npm install npm@latest -g

Is node.js Installed?

You can check to see if node.js is installed on your computer. At the command prompt, check your version of node with this command: node -v. Check your version of npm with this command: npm -v.

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