Mobile App Development

Are you interested in developing custom mobile applications? A website is a great first step in getting online, along with social media. Many companies then begin to look at developing their own mobile app to be used on either iPhone, Android-based phones and Windows phones. However, do you really need an app? How would you go about developing an app?

Developing a mobile app is a much more significant and challenging endeavor that developing a website, depending on what you want the app to do. At this time, April 2016, I am learning how to develop mobile apps with Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Xamarin. Programming in C# using Visual Studio and Xamarin allows you to write your underlying code only one time and deploy it to the three different phone environments. Microsoft has released Visual Studio Community 2015 with Xamarin built-in.

Future blogs will now concentrate on C# code and developing applications for Windows and the different phone environments.

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