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Here is a good instructional (tutorial) and introductory YouTube video on how to set up and use MailChimp. it is called “How To Use Mailchimp Step By Step Full Tutorial For BEGINNERS (Free Email Marketing)” in case you need to search for it at YouTube.

This video was published on Oct 22, 2014. This tutorial shows you in detail how to use mailchimp as a free email marketing tool step by step. This video’s time length is 1:14:43.

  1. It begins with signing up for free with mailchimp
  2. how to import lists and add subscribers manually (9:14)
  3. how to create and customize sign up forms (15:32)
  4. how to embed sign up forms and links to your website (25:02)
  5. how to create a campaign – Regular campaign (33:55)
  6. how to create a RSS driven campaign (55:30)
  7. List Segments(1:08:50)

1. Introduction and Signing Up

2. Lists

  1. Create a list(9:14)
  2. Add subscribers to your new list one-at-a-time manually (11:55)
  3. How to import subscribers from Microsoft Excel (13:50)

3. Forms

  1. Introduction to Forms – links to sign-up forms on your website and website embedded forms(15:32)
  2. Creating General forms (18:43)

4. Embed and Link Forms

  1. Embedded forms – automatically goes to your MailChimp List (28:25)

5. Create a Regular Campaign (email content)

  1. Introduction to campaigns(33:55)
  2. Regular campaign to all subscribers (34:42)
  3. Email Content of regular campaign (38:58)

6. RSS campaign

  1. Create RSS Campaign – send out your blogs (55:30)
  2. Adding videos into your emails – Campaign – Subject Line (1:07:00)

7. Segments

  1. Segments – splitting your lists(1:08:50)
  2. Member rating(1:12:43)

Useful Hints and Tips

The first thing is to sign up. Next, create your list.MailChimp has lists as the second item after Campaigns, but you should create your list first. Next, create your campaign. Before starting that however, have your content ready. Have some text and pictures ready for inserting into the content portion of your email. You should also have an idea of your subject line as well. Send a test email before sending to your customers or subscribers. The text email could be to yourself.

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