MailChimp Introduction

What is MailChimp? MailChimp is an email marketing service on the web. It was founded in 2001. You can set up a free account and create HTML emails that you can send to a list of people.

Sign Up

Go to Click Sign Up Free. Provide an email address, a Username (use your email address) and a password. Now click on the bottom link” Getting Started Guide. You can read what on the page but we are going to start by cliking on the chimp icon in the upper left corner and then log in that’s in the upper right corner. There a few questions to answer.

Three Steps

There are 3 steps to getting started with MailChimp. Each of these steps can be found in the dashboard of MailChimp.

  1. Create a List
  2. Create and send a campaign
  3. Start building your audience


Lists are where you store your contacts. Click View lists. Click Create list. You may get the question Do you want to create a new list, or do you just want to sub-divide an existing list with groups?. You want to create a new list so Click create list. You are now taken to a form to fill in that is about you, not your contacts.

List Name
Type something appropriate here as customers/subscribers will see this.
Default From Email Address
Receivers of your email will see this addrtess. If you us a free email, such as Gmail or Yahoo, you get a warning from MailChimp saying may prevent the delivery of your campaigns..
Default From Name
Remind people how they signed up to your list

Check all three boxes in the Notifications.

Adding Subscribers to Your List

YouTube Video

I have written a post that lists the different topics covered by a good video on YouTube called How To Use Mailchimp Step By Step Full Tutorial For BEGINNERS (Free Email Marketing).

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