Instructional Videos on YouTube with Common Craft

YouTube has many instructional videos that you can view to learn just about anything. If you go to YouTube and search for Common Craft, several videos come up in the results. In this post I will list just a few of them. Many of these are introductory videos that give you just enough to get started. You can then view more detailed or advanced videos.

YouTube Instructional Videos by Common Craft

Twitter in Plain English
This video introduces the Twitter service. It focuses on Twitter’s ability to connect people in new ways, using short messages and includes:

  • Why answers to the question “what are you doing” are interesting
  • The mechanics of Twitter – signing up, sharing and reading messages
  • How a skeptical person fell in love with Twitter
Twitter Tutorial for Beginners
This tutorial starts off with (briefly) going over how to create a Twitter profile, then how to customize your profile, Twitter terminology, navigating twitter, and finally a ton of random tips and tricks.
How To Use Twitter
With Twitter you have the potential to reach millions of users instantly. Use it to issue public safety alerts, broadcast real-time news developments, inform constituents, or solicit feedback. It’s free and easy to use – here’s how to get started.

Common Craft

Common Craft produces educational videos on a variety of topics that are easy to understand for people without a technical background. Common Craft creates videos in four categories (Technology, Social Media, Internet Safety, Money and Society) and in five languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish). Common Craft also provides a video making service whereby Common Craft may be commissioned to produce a video. Companies have hired Common Craft to explain their products and services.

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