Installing Xamarin in Visual Studio

I had some challenges doing this. After installing Visual Studio, I tried to install Xamarin. You need to install the Java SDK and the Android SDK. When I tried to compile an Android app, it failed with an error and no app was produced. The solution that worked for me was to upgrade to the next version of Java, JDK 8, as suggested on this web page.

There is compatibility problem with JDK and Android SDK. I am using 64 bit Windows 10. You end up using Android SDK Build-tools version 24.x.x with JDK version 8. These two are compatible.

After a successful installation your first Android project in Visual Studio Community 2015 should look something like the screen shots below when you create a new project by going to the File menu, New Project. In this case it is called App18.


Here is a screen shot of Visual Studio.


Go ahead and plug in your Android device into the computer, as I did. Note the change to the interface. as seen below. It may not work the first time right away.


Click the word “Samsung”, wait a minute and you should have your first Android app now on your device (a Galaxy Note 3 in my case). If successful, you app should be App1, if you didn’t make any changes to the name.

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