Columns in a WordPress Post

Do you want to have columns in a WordPress page or post? If so, you can use CSS to style it or you can download and install a plugin called Column Shortcodes by Codepress. I used this plugin to put columns on the home page of this site and of course this page also.

How do you create two columns? The plugin uses shortcodes. Here is the shortcode I used for this page, but enclosed in square brackets:

one_half padding="6px 6px 6px 6px"

Put you content here!


After having used the shortcodes you can go back to a full width section. This text is just a paragraph after the closing shortcode. Simple. For extra styling you could start a section with a different number of columns.

Suppose you want to have some text take up two thirds on the left and one third on the right. You would use the shortcode two_third and /two_third and then use one_third_last /one_third_last.

For more information on how to use this plugin you can go to the plugin’s FAQ section of

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