In CSS, selectors are patterns used to select the element(s) you want to style. There are many of them. To see a list of them and examples of them you can go to the website w3schools and have a look at their CSS Selector Reference page. This blog post is […]

CSS nth-child Selector

How do you insert CSS code into your HTML document? There are three different ways to do that. Once inserted, the browser will then read the style sheet and format the HTML document according to the styles in the style sheet. Here are the three ways according to w3schools.com’s CSS […]

CSS Inserting

Do you want to use custom graphics instead of the simple round circles or squares for you lists? Do you want to use a small graphic image such as a check mark for your bullet lists instead of the standard circles? This is an example of how to use custom […]

Custom Markers for HTML Lists

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are powerful tools of convenience when styling web pages. A style sheet is text that contains one or more rules that determine how certain HTML elements in your web page should be displayed. An HTML element is an individual component of an HTML document that usually […]

CSS Introduction

Here is some Child Theme CSS that can change the maximum width of your WordPress Twenty Twelve themed Site. Include it in your styles.css file in your child theme. This site uses the Twenty Twelve theme. You can change the background color of the whole site just to see the […]

CSS Max Site Width