Angular 2

This is a continuation of the previous blog post called Angular 2 Routing Introduction. All we are going to do in this post is look at how to separate out our HTML from our About page. Let’s look at the code of about.component.ts. Below is the code for the abount.component.html […]

Angular 2 Routing Part 2

This blog post is an introduction to components in Angular 2. Components are perhaps the first thing you learn about in Angular 2 after you have set up your development environment. Why? As the website says: “In Angular 2, “everything is a component.” Components are the main way we […]

Angular 2 Components Introduction

Angular Versions This post discusses how to install Angular 2, not version one. Angular 2 is the newer version that was recently released. I recommend using Angular 2, not version 1.x. If you are new to Angular, I recommend going straight to version 2 and not bothering with Angular 1.x […]

Angular 2 Installation Introduction

This post is based on the Angular article called QuickStart that I accessed from the Angular2 website by clicking the “5 min quickatart” link in the second section of the Angular2 website called “Angular2 Tutorials”. Here are the steps found on the website. Set up our development environment Write the […]

Angular2 QuickStart Hello World