This post describes how you can sum a column with a data type of Time in SQL Server. This column might be in a table that has employees working hours, or it might be in a box score table of your favourite sports team. You cannot simply use the SUM() […]

SQL Server Summing Time

This post is a discussion of the basics of indexes in SQL Server. It is based partly on a article by Robert Sheldon on 25 November 2008. That’s almost 10 years ago but when it comes to indexes, not much has changed, and the basics have not changed. The article […]

SQL Server Indexes

In T-SQL, COUNT returns the number of items in a group. COUNT works like the COUNT_BIG function. The only difference between the two functions is their return values. COUNT always returns an int data type value. COUNT_BIG always returns a bigint data type value. COUNT(*) returns the number of items […]