Add an FAQ Section with Quick and Easy FAQs

What is a good way to add a Frequently Asked Questions section to your WordPress website? You could just add the questions followed by the answers, but there is a better way. Use the plugin called Quick and Easy FAQs. There is an article in the website on this topic.

You will also likely want to install the Post Types Order plugin so that you can set the order of your FAQs. Have a look at the article mentioned above. It will explain how to set this up. For example, the style of the FAQ below is toggle. You can create FAQ groups so that you can more than one section of FAQs. I can have one group of questions and answers here on this post and another group on a page in my main menu.

To customize your FAQs, go to Dashboard, Plugins, Quick and Easy FAQs. (Yes, it is a bit odd that the customization is under the Plugins menu but the creation of FAQs has its own menu in the Dashboard. I don’t know why.) Here you can set things such as the colours.

What does FAQ stand for?

FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a WordPress Plugin to create a FAQ section?

Yes you can. It is called Quick and Easy FAQs.

Can I see an FAQ Plugin live in action?

You are looking at an example of the Quick and Easy FAQs Plugin right now!

How do I put it on my page?

You can use their shortcode faqs