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What would be the first thing you want to do when you are beginning to code a Windows application? You might consider starting with the About window. You will likely have a few windows to develop along the way and your designer should have already provided you with a colour […]

C# WPF First Window

Events can be generated by WPF controls. They can also be generated by other things such as the system timer. Another Events post discusses events raised by a timer. In WPF, whena user clicks a button that raises an event. The programmer writes code to handle that event. Many events […]

C# WPF Events

Events in C# are similar to exceptions in that they are raised (thrown) by objects and you can supply code that acts on them. There is no try…catch structure for events. You must subscribe to them. Subscribing to an event means that you must supply code that will be executed […]

C# Events

WPF is a UI (User Interface) framework that excels in displaying visual content. In previous frameworks, different UI controls were specialized for particular purposes, and their visual presentations were more or less fixed.But why should the content of your button be limited to either text or an image? Why shouldn’t […]

C# XAML Content and Controls