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Looking for some icons to use in your website? Try IconFinder.com for 24 x 24 pixel icons. These can be used with the custom markers for lists, for example. You can download these pictures yourself and use them as they are in the Creative Commons. In Windows just right-click the […]


When a shortcode is inserted in a WordPress post or page, it is replaced with some other content. In other words, we instruct WordPress to find the macro that is in square brackets ([]) and replace it with the appropriate dynamic content, which is produced by a PHP function. Shortcodes […]

WordPress Shortcodes

WP RSS Aggregator is a WordPress plugin that creates a feed reader/aggregator on your WordPress site. It works in a similar fashion to RSS readers like, for example, Google Reader or Feedly. See our feeds here. How To In the documentation of the plugin they list a series of steps […]

WP RSS Aggregator