Daily Archives: October 11, 2015

Let’s write some code. The line below will go between your two PHP tags. You need a semicolon at the end of each line, except for the last line in a php script. Below is a variable declaration ($color) which must begin with a question mark. The period operator concatenates. […]

PHP Introduction Part 2

Just a few beginner notes on the PHP language. Unlike CGI scripts, which require you to write code to output HTML, PHP lets you embed PHP code in regular HTML pages, and execute the embedded PHP code when the page is requested. Ok, how about a web site for online […]

PHP Introduction

Welcome to Mike Porter’s blog. I blog about website development using WordPress with a focus on enabling small business owners to create and update their own websites. We get your WordPress website up and running at low cost and show you how to update it with your own posts, pages, […]