Welcome to Porter Websites


Porter Websites is about my journey of advancing my knowledge about software development, including WordPress, Computer Programming, C# and SQL Server over the last two years with the help of a few friends, a couple of books and the Internet. This website began as a way to learn about WordPress by creating a WordPress site about WordPress.


If you click Blog in the menu you will find blog posts in boxes listed in reverse-chronological order. A you can see I am learning different things all at once. In WordPress, you can attach Categories to your blog posts. If you click Categories in the menu you will find all 650+ posts organized by category instead of in reverse chronological order. If you want to search this site you can use any word you wish and WordPress will show those blogs that contain that word.


There are so many different pieces of information that you need to know to be able to develop software and there are so many sources of information on the Internet that it can become overwhelming. I have tried to reduce that feeling for myself and I hope that the readers of this site will find that also. I have included many links to external websites along with links to other posts within this site to help with navigating through the world of website development, Windows development, app development and other related computer topics. By all means go to those sites for further research.